You guessed it…more Lucy!

I swear its rained nearly every weekend this year so far. Since I can’t go out I took a shot of Lucy dug in and staying warm.

Living Shredder

Who needs to spend $50 dollars on a fancy shredder!

Lucy digging in to get warm

Before we left Texas to come to California for vacation I took a photo of Lucy digging in to get warm. She had no clue I got this close to take the shot.

San Antonio Museum of Art

Went to SAMA today with Nicky so she could get started on her final for one of her classes. The place isn’t the best museum, but I think I got a few solid shots out of the day.

Forgotten Lucy Pictures

I am not sure why I never posted these on my site before. I seen one of them in my Facebook photos and decided to upload it here along with another I had found. The 30 second exposure is one of my favorites. Lucy decided to take off during the exposure and left a ghostly impression.

Botanical Gardens – SA 2

We took another trip down to the Botanical Gardens here in San Antonio again today. It was finally cool enough to enjoy a nice day out taking a few photos and feeding the Ducks. The only downside to today is tour sore feet.

Lucy again

Lucy decided to behave an sit still for a shot.


Lucy decided she wanted to pose for the camera today. I was happy to oblige.

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