My Boston Terrier

Lucy chilling out

Got my new 55-250mm Thursday and decided to snap quick shot of Lucy. I think I am going to like this lens.

You guessed it…more Lucy!

I swear its rained nearly every weekend this year so far. Since I can’t go out I took a shot of Lucy dug in and staying warm.

Living Shredder

Who needs to spend $50 dollars on a fancy shredder!

Lucy digging in to get warm

Before we left Texas to come to California for vacation I took a photo of Lucy digging in to get warm. She had no clue I got this close to take the shot.

Forgotten Lucy Pictures

I am not sure why I never posted these on my site before. I seen one of them in my Facebook photos and decided to upload it here along with another I had found. The 30 second exposure is one of my favorites. Lucy decided to take off during the exposure and left a ghostly impression.

Lucy again

Lucy decided to behave an sit still for a shot.


Lucy decided she wanted to pose for the camera today. I was happy to oblige.

Lucy Playing

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