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Crazy Cardinal

This morning after coming back from our walk I sat down at my office desk to play a game or two. While I was setting the game up I kept hearing what sounded like a branch tapping the window. When I opened the blinds I seen this little guy flying into the window over and over. I am guessing he seen his reflecting and was trying to play with “the other bird”. Once I pulled the blinds up all the way he stopped flying into the window.

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Capital Building – Austin, Tx

Quick picture from our visit to Austin.


San Antonio Zoo

After doing our weekly Sunday shopping we decided to head down to the zoo and take some photos with my new 55-250mm lens. I took quite a few photos and selected a few to share. I will post more as I get through them. I especially like the squirrel picture (*hint* there is no squirrel exhibit). Suffice to say the animal in that exhibit will be missing a few piece of food. Enjoy the photos and look for more as I finish processing them all.

San Antonio – Mission Trail

We braved the sun and went to check out the San Antoni Missions. We went to Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose and Mission Espada. Mission San Jan was under renovations so we skipped it.

Lucy chilling out

Got my new 55-250mm Thursday and decided to snap quick shot of Lucy. I think I am going to like this lens.

McNay Museum

Today we decided to go check out the McNay Museum here in San Antonio. Pretty nice museum and had a lot to see. Unfortunately the Andy Warhol exhibit did not allow photography. Hope my small following likes the new photos.

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